Spin Forming

Spin Forming

Called also metal spinning, it’s one of the most artistic processes we can perform.

Thanks to a specific tool, that is a metal disk which rotating around a lathe is pushed on the mold until it takes its shape.

This type of processing allows to produce pieces with very particular shapes, that if made with traditional presses require very expensive molds and several more processing steps.

Spin forming instead, uses less expensive molds and can produce very complex pieces

Following the SGL Mix philosophy, we use the spin forming technology to develop prototypes for our clients, before passing to the real molding press, were the final pieces are produced in series.

In this case, spin forming can be used as a base for the mold used in the press, therefore without wasting the previous work.

We have different machineries that can produce from very small pieces to large size ones with a maximum diameter of approximately 1 meter.

SGL Spin Forming Team

The staff working on this team has been trained for the ultimate 4.0 generation machineries that provide premium quality and very fast lathes, which they skilfully combine with their ultra-decennial experience

Let's Talk About Your Ideas

SGL MIX Spin forming is a very advantageous process, under many aspects:
  • it allows to create complex pieces using cost effective equipment
  • it allows to refine the manufacturing of the piece during its processing, therefore any possible change can be evaluated in a second moment
  • it can be used as a first step process for further stamp production if the quantities should significantly increase
  • it can be used in combination with laser cutting machines for custom-made pieces with different types of holes
Type of products
  • Lamp bodies
  • Tops for tables or stools
  • Metal sheet cones
  • Diaphragms or other round-shaped details

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