Bending – Calendering – Welding

Bending – Calendering – Welding

Our equipment comprises of various bending and calendering machines for the production of any size pieces, from very small to extra-large ones.

Our plants are equipped with capacitor discharge welding machines, mig welding machines, tig or blowtorch welding machines.

Our automated welding robots guarantee excellent welding performances at lower costs.

We obtained the 1090 certification several years ago. This certification allows us to produce carpentries used for prefabricated elements or for seismic retrofitting systems.

In addition, we have all the required equipment to complete in-house any finishing detail like countersinks, threads, inserts and lynchpins.

SGL Carpentry Team

Our Carpentry Team adds up to 150 years of experience within Sgl, producing the pieces you have asked us to make!

Most of our staff works in this department.

Each one of them brings his own specific experience and competence.

In the welding team, for instance, we can find a weldor specialized in tig welding, the one specialized in mig welding, or those who have acquired experience in the blowtorch welding, or others who are particularly skilled on certain specific pieces.

We are also very proud of the versatility of our finishes staff. They must refine the piece eliminating imperfections, or add a threading, an insert or any other particular request made by a client.

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  • We have small and fast bending machines as well as the large size ones up to 170 tons, with non-stop control over the bend angle in order to guarantee compliance to the original design; bending robots for heavy pieces or repetitive production lines that work on a full cycle 24H, 7 days a week.


  • We have both manual as calendering machines with numerical control, which can produce round, oval, elliptic or “free shaped” pieces.


  • In order to reduce costs, we have developed different types of manipulators, like the circular ones – the classic rotary tables – as the linear ones which guarantee excellent welding quality in a very short time.
  • Our welding robots further decrease production timing.



More and more often our clients ask us to produce complete products, assembled structures ready to be sold on the market. Excellent quality products which must be sold at a very low price.

How can we fulfil this request?

Our answer is innovation!
We are constantly updated on every technological innovation.

By joining carpentry work with other complementary processes like stamping, turning or 3D laser, we can manufacture very complex pieces.

Some of our products can have even more than 20 manufacturing steps!

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