Shearing – Stamping

Shearing – Stamping

This is a very fascinating department where the metal sheets can express all their potential!

Here, in fact, a simple piece can take the most diversified shapes according to the type of mold.

The trimming and the beading allow us to give the final touch to our product

We have about ten press machines, some fully automated and powered by coils, other manually operated, of all sizes from small to big but all connected with our management software.

The same goes for our trimming and beading machines, some use a pneumatic system others are CNC powered. Their task is to deflash the machining allowance, and bead the borders blunting them.

SGL Shearing, Stamping and Blunting Team

Our stamping team can count over 100 years of experience on your products.

The staff working on this team, has the challenging opportunity of working with a long-time collaborator, that in the years has built the team together with other workers specialized in the shearing, stamping and blunting procedures.

The combination of the diversified experiences and competences joined with the curiosity and enthusiasm of the younger staff, allows us to maintain top quality standards for every piece we produce.

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With our press machines we can produce:

  • maximum size 1,600×800 mm
  • maximum strength 500 ton

Products like:

  • Tank bases
  • Automotive inserts and details
  • Furnishing accessories
  • Numerous and repetitive small pieces


Molding and shearing are very unexpensive procedures

  • they allow to produce the pieces in a very short time
  • are suitable for a production in series
  • can be produced in unsupervised mode
  • can be a valid alternative to laser cutting and bending

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