Satin Finishes – Polishing – Packaging

Satin Finishes – Polishing – Packaging

We dedicate a lot of care to the finishing of the surface of our products .

To find the most suitable solution for your needs we have various opportunities:

1. deflashing on flat pieces at the beginning of the production process.

2. deflashing on non-flat or circular pieces used mainly as final finishing to remove excess parts after welding or as gripping for final varnish coating.

3. washing system for the rinsing of the pieces both in the final steps as during the manufacturing process

4. sphere polishing and drying system to make the final piece blunt and shiny

5. different types of surface finishing such as satin finishing, or polished finishing performed by our robots , both on manual or automated lines

6. custom-made personalized packaging

SGL Satin Finishing and Polishing Team

SGL employees are not just simple workers, they are “masters” in their jobs, and this is particularly true in this department, because here they can express all their professional skills.

Our staff has gained a considerable experience on every piece they have produced but above all, they have acquired a great experience in understanding what each sector needs. From the lighting industry, to the automotive or furnishing business, where aesthetic finishes have a relevant importance, whether it’s a finished piece or a semi-finished one, ready to be assembled and finished on-sight.

The manual skills and experience of all our staff can only produce premium quality pieces.

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We have robot-automated polishing plants both with loading and unloading pallets as well as with manual loading, in order to find the right compromise between manufacturing timing and machine set-up, according to the quantity of pieces to be produced.

We have a sphere polishing line with drying system, which allows to wash the pieces, deburring them and drying them at the same time. This is possible by plunging the pieces in a vibrating tank full of steel spheres that smoothen the surface of the material while polishing it.

This type of processing is often used as a finishing step after the shearing operations of stainless steel details.

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