Laser Cutting – Punching

Laser Cutting – Punching

We have been the first ones to have a completely automated laser cutting system, which allows us to create the pieces you need with the most cost-saving solution.

We have different non-stop fiber laser cutting, CO2 laser cutting and punching machines.

All completely automated. From the setting of the metal sheets to the final stocking and deposit of the finished pieces in our automated warehouse. Ready to be handled and shipped by our staff.

The plants work non-stop, day-night and weekends, therefore reducing manufacturing timing and costs.

Our punching and shearing machine allows us to be very productive and cost effective compared to the laser cutting system.

Our 300-level automated warehouse can stock all certified material servicing the entire plant: from iron, to aluminium, brass and stainless steel in various finishes.

Our management software interfaces with the system, this allows us to follow your order in real time, therefore reducing production timing .

SGL Laser Cutting and Punching Team

Our cutting team can boast 20 years of experience in SGL!

Who well begins is half done!

Every sector (furniture, lighting, automotive, building …) and every piece has its own characteristics.

Our staff working in the cutting department has mastered all the skills!

They have well defined roles, clear and lean procedures that make our automated processes even more efficient!

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With a 2D laser you can produce pieces:
  • minimum thickness 0,5 mm maximum 20 mm
  • maximum size 3000×1500 mt
  • iron, aluminium, brass and AISI steel with different finishes
with the punching machine:
  • maximum thickness 3 mm
  • maximum size 3000×1500 mt
The punching machine is more competitive than the laser one, for the manufacturing of pieces with many holes. SGL MIX: the combination between punching and laser machines can be advantageous for pieces with particular shapes and many hole.

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